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In Space, Anyone Can Find Love.
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Ok apparently no body is understanding why I am upset. Yes it was hotwildcat getting me upset, but it got over it, but then while I was reading my Uncle Slashie's and my role play of Klowns From Outer Space love Story, of the part when Rudy and Sarah die, my dad came along in a angry mood saying, "what are you doing?" I keep my secrets to my parents about my account on DA, but this time it didn't work, I showed him and said, "What is this garbage!" The reason why Chris aka Uncle Slashie and I are making Sarah and Rudy because, I didn't want to bother Chris anymore of role playing, besides he told methat he  doesn't like this kinda thing. Take Squeak's, role play with her and you can't stop. I told dad I was role playing with Jess' aka Squeak on Facebook, but then he looked and asked me "Who's Rudy?" "My character." I lied, because If I told him that he was from Killer Klowns then he's gonna think I was obsessed with them again. I'm not that much as I use to. Then he got mad and read what I said in the rp with Chris. About the part when Sarah put the pistol in her mouth and Rudy watched her. And ended there, and asked me again, "What is this garbage?!" Then we argued about that I was depressed, and I wasn't. But I relized, dad's not gonna stop until I say I am. So I lied to him saying I was depressed, but I didn't need anyone's help. He told me to get out. I mean out of the house. Somehow I got able to stay and told him I can figure my problems by myself. Then he said, "oh I see, don't need dad. And sure you do know how to figure them out, by putting a gun in your mouth." Sarah isn't my character guys seriously. She looks nothing like me. She's shorter than me, darker hair than Rudy's, mines brown, she has lime green eyes. I have dark blue. But I chose my name because she's a Princess of Love. My name means princess. Anyways after he walked away, I slammed my door and cried all night in bed. I hated when I lied to dad about something he wants to hear that isn't true. So guys, this why now, I am depressed. No one home right now and I am balling my eyes out because what I have done. I want to tell dad sorry for lying about that I was depressed but he won't believe it.
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United States
The reason why I joined, was not just because I LOVE art, this typical artist that I saw before I joined, was a marvelous comic/cartoon/story artist. I do believe she's Christian like she says, and I adore her artwork. Someday I hope to meet her face to face. I just have fly there then. She is my best friend and artist fan: :iconmagic-kristina-kw: oh and :iconcallewis2:
Thank you so much for being friends with me Cal, and mostly Kristina.
Real life friends: :iconsqueeking:

My DA Family:

Mom and Dad: (they are both from Fireproof) Caleb Holt ABD Catherine Holt

Uncles: John Denver, John Lennon, Bruce Wayne, and :iconslasherman:

Brothers: :iconcallewis2:, little bro: :iconhopeofriuton:, older Killer uncle/Bro: :iconslasherman: aka Uncle Slashie bro.

Sisters: :iconghostfreakfan01: ma little ghostly sister, and my older magical sister: :iconmagic-kristina-kw:, :icon8teamfriends8:

My boyfriend: Rudy Klown

My bodyguards: Spongebob, Patrick, Doodlbob. and Olaf.

My weird guardian: SlenderMan and Death.

Number favorite characters:
Cartoon: WordGirl, Ben 10 (16), Patrick Star, Curious George, Harley Quinn, Binky The Clown, Odie the dog, Olaf the snowman, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Anis (Amazing World of Gumball)

Rudy, Slim, Shorty, Spikey, Fatso, and Jumbo (Killer Klowns From Outer Space)
Ben 10 (Alien Swarm)
Batman (The Dark Knight series)
All characters from And There Were None ^^

Favorite line: Garfield n Friends; I'm in pain?!...
Killer Klowns from Outer Space 1: What are you gonna do? Knock my Block off?! 2: Ahbodo! (I don't know what Rudy saying but I love it!!!)
The Dark Knight Rises: So that's how it feels like
Spongebob: Wheres the Leak Ma'am? 2: FINLAND!!! 3: is Mayonnaise an instrument? 4: Cant see my forehead! 5: MY BLACK BUTT!! (Doddlebob)
WordGirl: He's real, your the replacement!
The seed of Chuckie: ITS ME DADDY! (Poor Glen)
Friday the 13th: (I never seen it like Chucky but I just think Jason is Awesome)
Bat man series: Just one, BABBIES!!!
Heaven is For Real: Can we sing "We will Rock You!"?

Groups I made: :iconrudyxsj: ----> my favorite <3
:iconbinkyxharley: :iconscp-049xronda: :iconsj10vsronaldmcdonald:...
Groups that I love: :iconrudyxsj: :iconsimons-cat-official: :iconjohn-denver-club: :iconcallewis-fanclub:

These are my favorite pics ever:……

Circus Tent by mirz-alt


Great people that I adore:
:iconmagic-kristina-kw::iconcallewis2::iconsqueeking::iconemoscarletlovelock::iconeli-j-brony::icon8teamfriends8::iconay6::iconghostfreakfan01::iconpintostproductions::iconpowerkidzforever: and so on and so on...…

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BTW, I've only met Stranger until after you did that.
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theres not gonna be a 15sjens on DA
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